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about the drone craftsmen

The Drone Craftsmen

Customer service is not a bonus you should get... it is a state of mind.

In almost every field today, the drone is an extraordinary tool to facilitate, secure, improve and accelerate preventive maintenance measurements, analyses and controls.
The deployment of intervention missions in case of accidents, disasters or damages of any kind is done quickly, eliminating the burden of logistical costs and the installation of specific safety equipment...
At "Les Drones de l'Orne", we love our job and pay particular attention to our clients' needs.

Whatever your request, contact us to discuss it.

« Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work » Aristotle.

  • We hold the EU EASA OPEN A1-A2-A3 certificates for drone pilots.

  • We hold the EU EASA PRO/SPECIFIC licence for specific professional drone operations (increased risks).


  • We hold following BCAA (Belgium Airspace Authorities) certified and approved proficencies:
  • Flights close to obstacles and buildings; Flights close to interferences sources; Inspection flights; Preprogrammed flights; Mission planning advanced.

Our Services

Standard and Usual Services


e.g.: Short missions...

Discount from the 2nd hour. We charge every extra 15min. Every mission starts from the time of arrival at location till the equipment is stored back in the boxes. Included: mission planning, checking of weather forecast at location, requesting of authorisations from the BCAA if needed, renting of the equipment, insurance, photos and/or video shooting, raw deliverables*, debriefing. Travel expenses are free within a radius of 20km from Walhain (zip code B-1457: center of Belgium).


e.g.: Damages reports, ...

One half day equals three hours on site.
Discounted rates for the second and third hours.
Same additional conditions as for hourly rate.
'Les Drones de l'Orne' charges its aerial services according to the time spent on locations, without limitation of the number of flights or images/videos to shoot.
All our rates are calculated for one operator on site. Depending on the location and/or the type of services, some additional operator or obervator might be needed.


e.g.: Technical inspection, ...

One day equals six hours on site.
Discounted rates from second till fifth hours.
Same additional conditions as for hourly rate.
Discounted rates for multiple days booking from second and third day.
*Excluding options, processing of the raw deliverables (upon request), possible administrative costs, ... Our fares are calculated in order to provide you with a quality service in compliance with current standards and regulations.


Check some of our services

Damage Inspection

Typically: roof and masonry damage, observation of lack of maintenance, property dispute between individuals, road crash aerial investigation, weather damage report for insurance companies.

The inspection by drone allows technicians to inspect and check the state of industrial structures, buildings or works of art to highlight any damage quickly and without risk.
We also operate for insurers and insurance experts, as well as for the resolution of disputes between individuals, upon request of justices of the peace.

Inspection of damages

Building & real estate asset inspection

Typically: ageing observation of private/public buildings or real-estate patrimony, measurement and photos before rehabilitation or demolition.

The onboard sensors of a drone allow to acquire ultra high definition images and thus to identify the smallest details.
The drone is appreciated in the real estate industry for the highlighting of a property or to support a building permit. We also step in for post-disaster observation caused by exceptional events, such as flooding, fire or natural disaster...

Inspection of buildings

Technical infrastructure inspection

Typically: monitoring of construction sites, inspection of powerline pylons, cell towers, wind turbines, industrial sites.

The use of a drone for the inspection of industrial facilities reduces the intervention time, the human risk and the cost compared to traditional inspection methods. The drone can identify structural defects and verify remotely whether it is necessary to call in a technical intervention team. The objective is to ensure the sustainability of production equipment.
Thanks to our operations, you save a lot of time and money, as there is no need for lifting equipment or scaffolding.

Inspection of technical infrastructure

Photogrammetry & mapping

Typically: 2D/3D modelling of buildings or monuments, volume calculation of quarries, surface calculation of agricultural lands.

The drone and the software of shots analysis make it possible to carry out 2D plans of large surfaces in very high definition or to model a zone in 3D in order to carry out precise plans, measurements of volume of stock.
Drones can be used to document erosion and invasive vegetation, monitor land changes, investigate damage or also assist in archaeological research.
Drone photogrammetry can vastly cut down on the manpower and resources needed to keep people and infrastructure safe.

Aerial photogrammetry

Real estate highlighting

Typically: 360° photography of your home, real estate business advertising, restaurants and hotels advertising.

Dynamic visuals, increasing property value, marketing to a broader audience… The aerial photography and videography deliver detailed visuals that cover all angles, making them a novel choice for sales development. Aerial imagery also gives a fair idea about the surroundings of the property.
Drone real estate photography delivers instant high-quality content that immediately attracts buyers.

Real estate highlighting


Organize Your Events

Aerial shooting of events

Institutional or Enterprise Events

upon request

It is a type of event attended by representatives of different public and private institutions or enterprises. That is why it's organization must be meticulous and very well defined in terms of protocol, communication, synchronization, and minimization of unforeseen events.

In order to offer you the service provision you expect from this type of operation, we usually team up with subcontracting partners. This allow us to cover your event from different angles and points of view. This also ensures that we don't miss a single important moment.

That is the reason why we might ask for an extra delay for planning time and of course the needed time for a proper pre-organization meeting between all parties.


They trust our expertise


Some of our most commonly used drones

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise

µ4/3 20Mp 24mm zoom 56x 4K 30fps
DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2

µ4/3 20Mp 45mm 5,2K 30fps (under repair)
DJI Mini 3 Pro

DJI Mini 3 Pro

1 1/3 48Mp 24mm zoom 2x 4K 60fps


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